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Students can’t access essential research

The main reason that student can’t access to essential research is because the price of subscription to academic journals has increased drastically and the schools can not afford this prices. Schools with low income are forced to drop out, which leaves students without access to the main core of disciplinary journals. At this point students and researchers are left to work with what is available and not with what they need. In order for them to conduct research effectively they need access to this large portion of records. They say that libraries must subscribe to this journals no matter what the price is, even if this makes them run out of money.

Why is academic writing so academic?

The academic writing is the way it Ā is because neither journalists or professors got together to make a stand for a new way of writing it. That type of writing has been there and they got comfortable with it. Sometimes outsiders, have tried to make a change by but the change never went through. Nicholas Kristof in our case claimed that professors don’t use enough social media which would make their writings less serious, more funny, and less nerdy. The main reason why the academic writing stays so academic isn’t professors choice, it is the system that produces academic knowledge and that make it more marginal.

Reflection #8: “Students Can’t Access Essential Research”

Access to academic research hasĀ become more expensive each year. It is becoming a trend for schools to cancel subscriptions to academic journals due to insufficient financial means. Despite the fact that these journals are filled with research based articles written by researchers for free, the publishers, many of which are for-profit, sell access to the journalsĀ atĀ inflated rates. An article can only be published in one journal at a time and cannot be posted or shared through other mediums. Because of this rule, the publishers are able to create a monopoly thus removing any preventatives that would control prices.

By contributing to public resources like Wikipedia, we are able to share this research with people who cannot otherwise access these journals. When a contributorĀ addsĀ cited data, we inform the readerĀ of reliable information.Ā This attempts to level the playing field of research. It aids people to do more thorough, extensive research because they are now able to access additional research-based sources.