Project Plan…

I plan on producing a project which consist of literal as well as visual through the use of technology. In order for me to create this visual aspect I will attempt to use the software sketch Up. In Sketch Up I will do my best to compare and contrast the various alley’s throughout Vinegar Hill, I will also try my very best to collect information on each alley. Each alley will have a description which would include both its length and width as well as the purpose in which each alley served. I will also determine the possible changes that occurred within about a hundred year time span; between 1855 and 1955. I understand that this project could be a group effort however, I plan on completing this project individually.

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  1. Nora Almeida

    Seems like you have a concrete and realistic plan for completing your final project. It might be a good idea to identify any research gaps you have so that you can find remaining data to include in your report.


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