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Mid-Semester Course Progress Reflection

The lead to the final project is working well since we now know how to do research other then Google them. This steps like the site visits and library reports have been helpful leads on how to do real research. Now my confidence in doing research it’s grown and I see the difference in my other classes when I compare my way of researching with theirs. All of the field trips had their importance and difference from one another. For example the library reports taught us that we can have access to many important archives and that we can study them individually and librarians will be only help to you to find the right source.

LaGuardia Community College Wagner’s Achieve

LaGuardia Community College Wagner’s Achieve – Aisel Omerbashi

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library Report – Aisel Omerbashi

New York Public Library Report

New York Public Library – Aisel_Omerbashi