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War On Taxes, Reflection # 2

After reading this article, another article just pooped up in my head, which i was reading almost two weeks ago. Here is the link Today situation on Taxes, it feels like nothing changed. All that rich people who were not paying taxes in 1870 they are still not paying in 2016. Rich person is getting richer and richer and poor are getting poorer. I think this problem will never end until corruption ends, because as long as there’s a demand for the end product, there will always be a person, group or loose alliance looking to profit legally or illegally off of the wanted items.

Brooklyn neighborhood Reflection 1 on Vinegar Hill, Rambo, Dumbo and Downtown.

First article about vinegar hill was really eye opener for me, i felt ashamed because i didn’t know about vinegar hill at all till now. At least  now i know that where i am living right now was also part of vinegar hill. Second thing i learned from these article is about new neighborhood rambo, i never heard this before, surprisingly i am living in brooklyn since 2009. Its just so amazing to me that every neighborhood is totally different from one another, that is the one thing i really love about brooklyn, for example i live in Midwood once i went to Bushwick and i thought i am in different state, unfortunately i was still in brooklyn. These articles really showed what i had in my mind about the rich diversity of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Wikipedia Reflection

While reading the wikipedia articles I found many interesting facts. One thing that really stood out to me was that Brooklyn is the most populated borough. You would think Manhattan would be but Brooklyn consists of about 2,621,793 people while Manhattan consists of about 1,636,268. I also loved reading about Vinegar Hill and finding the different boundaries that were sold to different settlers. It was very interesting to read due to the familiarity of the boundaries. It was also interesting to learn the previous names of the now familiar places such as Rinnegokonk is now the Wallabout Bay. I also found that DUMBO is “Brooklyn’s most expensive neighborhood, as well as New York City’s fourth richest community overall.” The wikipedia articles were well written and understood but definitely still need to be fact checked.