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Vinegar Hill Site Report 3

Vinegar Hill Site Report 3 – Aisel Omerbashi

LaGuardia Community College Wagner’s Achieve

LaGuardia Community College Wagner’s Achieve – Aisel Omerbashi

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library Report – Aisel Omerbashi

New York Public Library Report

New York Public Library – Aisel_Omerbashi

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Historical Society Library Report_Aisel Omerbashi

04. The First Visit in Vinegar: Site Report #1

04. The First Visit in Vinegar Hill – Site Report #1

03. Shirley Li – WikiGalaxy: A Visualization of Wikipedia Rabbit Holes

The name WikiGalaxy is beautifully given to the site and that is very true. I always end up clicking one of those blue highlighted words/links and like many of us I become dependent of the Rabbit Holes. The latest that I was captivated by the Rabbit Hole was when I was reading about Vinegar Hill and Brooklyn. I kept clicking on the highlighted words and it took me by surprise somewhere completely different from what I was supposed to be focused on. So that’s the funny part, that for that first assignment it took me a lot more time then the two preceding assignments combined. The time was longer but worth it since I got to learn stuff that I never heard before or stuff that I always wanted to read about. So my conclusion is that if you have a deadline you should force yourself not to be prey of Rabbit Hole, otherwise open your horizon by clicking those links that interest you.

Pre-Site Visit Reflection 2

Since I have already took my very first trip to Vinegar Hill and that anticipation is over, the next thing is what area my focus will be drawn to. We have visited a lot of interesting and great potential places to dig into the history of, yet I’m not all that quite sure about what space I want and I know that soon I have to be sure of what I will be doing my semester project on. I hope to use this next visit as an opportunity to make a decision on what particular area my attention and interest draws to the most. I am looking forward to our site visit tomorrow.

Pre-Site Visit Reflection 1

I have never knowingly been to Vinegar Hill, although in the past year I have been downtown Brooklyn many times, and over the course of my short lived life span. I am a little anxious to go, and after reading the some of its history I am very interested. I am however trying to not set my expectations so high for what the sight may look like, so I am trying to keep my mind as open as possible until we actually visit the site. I do however hope that the places looks very cool and has some type of visual history but I will definitely be waiting until I see the site in person before coming to a conclusion about my thoughts.