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Hypotheses about Vinegar Hill 1820-1870, Reflection # 5

Me and my group was given time period of 1820 to 1870, in technological developmental part, we realized that still in vinegar hill houses reflect Italian styles brown stones, iron railings and boot scrapers. We found some signs of ferries paths which were leading to industries as well, some traces of gas lamp and form of electricity  also found. Not only that we also found few transportation development in 1830 by civil and military engineer David Bates Douglas, who introduced traffic sic lanes, one for carts, one for light carriages and third one for pedestrians in two directions. For Civic & Private Organization part we found that the name today Brooklyn used to call “The Government Of Village Of The Brooklyn”. Secondly we found that information they used to capture in Brooklyn library, information like taxes, land record etc.

Archive papers Organization, Materials, and Resources, Reflection # 4

After reading the articles which were really informative, I will say archives are collections of materials and artifacts kept and preserved by organizations like universities or historical societies. Archival materials are often unpublished and are preserved for their research value. In general just like prof Nora Almeida mentioned in todays class, that archives are consist of records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their enduring cultural, historical, or evidentiary value. Archival records are normally unpublished and almost always unique, unlike books or magazines for which many identical copies. To find the archive materials we can go to where you can find national archives and much more. Archives can hold both published and unpublished materials, and those materials can be in any format. Some examples are manuscripts, letters, photographs, moving image and sound materials, artwork, books, diaries, artifacts, and the digital equivalents of all of these things. Materials in an archives are often unique, specialized, or rare objects, meaning very few of them exist in the world, or they are the only ones of their kind. The Rober Moses paper are really great example to show that archives are really important, because i think archives really help us to reconnect us with our history, culture and values.

Wiki galaxy & 3 types of Sources, Reflection # 3

As looking at the wikigalaxy its looks really cool but it would be nice for users to be able to create custom galaxies, galaxies with set limits, meaning that show only those pages that fit a specific category. Its almost the same idea like google earth, but just like article mentioned it has only 100,000 articles so far i think in future wikigalaxy will be a useful tool to have it.

Article on types of sources is really clear and easy to follow, now at least i can tell the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sources. I feel like secondary and tertiary sources are related to one another.

War On Taxes, Reflection # 2

After reading this article, another article just pooped up in my head, which i was reading almost two weeks ago. Here is the link Today situation on Taxes, it feels like nothing changed. All that rich people who were not paying taxes in 1870 they are still not paying in 2016. Rich person is getting richer and richer and poor are getting poorer. I think this problem will never end until corruption ends, because as long as there’s a demand for the end product, there will always be a person, group or loose alliance looking to profit legally or illegally off of the wanted items.

Brooklyn neighborhood Reflection 1 on Vinegar Hill, Rambo, Dumbo and Downtown.

First article about vinegar hill was really eye opener for me, i felt ashamed because i didn’t know about vinegar hill at all till now. At least  now i know that where i am living right now was also part of vinegar hill. Second thing i learned from these article is about new neighborhood rambo, i never heard this before, surprisingly i am living in brooklyn since 2009. Its just so amazing to me that every neighborhood is totally different from one another, that is the one thing i really love about brooklyn, for example i live in Midwood once i went to Bushwick and i thought i am in different state, unfortunately i was still in brooklyn. These articles really showed what i had in my mind about the rich diversity of Brooklyn.