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Final Project Plan, Reflection # 6

My final project will be editing the Wikipedia pages, the pages i will be focusing on are Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, Vinegar hill, Rope walk and Sands Brothers (Joshua sand and comfort sand). The intention is to fill in the gaps between 1770’s to 1820’s. After research i found lot of information about these topics and it sounds like my project will be more like telling the story of Brooklyn. Story will begin with sand’s brothers by telling how they came to Brooklyn, how much land they had and how there farm land converted into blocks and the relationship of Olympia (rope making industry) with sand’s brothers.

Project Plan

I may have to do a minimal amount of research, if any for my final project. Right now I believe I just need to digest, access, and organize all the information I have gathered, and find the correct categories to put them into for my final project. I have a rough idea of how I would like to categorize my information so hopefully all of that works out. I will be allowing my final project to live on the internet for as long as open lab or the internet may live. I will be focusing on the area near the Brooklyn Bridge once known as the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, and just unloading as much information on this space as I have access to. My project has not really changed overtime, it did stem from my Mid-semester report when I was looking at maps of the Vinegar Hill area, and noticed it, and then I chose to take this little piece of information and just allow it to manifest itself and just go in any direction it leads me in.

Project Plan

Deliverables: I will be constructing a report/summary (Presentation Material) of the information from my research of the demographics, politics, and urban renewal of the 1920s thru the 1960s (Scope), which may be presented as a PowerPoint/Prezi Presentation, and/or documentation report, and/or project, and/or technological media on a consolidated platform such as OpenLab, CartoDb, SketchUp, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. I will be able to determine the most appropriate platform once my project is in the final stages. I will also coordinate my research with a classmate since we are focusing on similar aspects of my research project. His consolidation platform would be my main consideration towards my research contribution.

Report/Summary Construction Process: I will be using and consolidating the information from the resources from my research, such as libraries (books), web searches (“dot-gov” and articles), archives (historical maps/documents). The main consolidation of information will be taken from my previous reports and bibliography. I will combine and focus information regarding demographics, politics, and urban renewal to produce a final project geared towards a sociological (social sciences) approach.

Research Gaps: Although there is information regarding the demographics, politics, and urban renewal of the 1920s thru the 1960s, there has been limited information about the causes for the landscape cutoff point at Hudson Avenue and York Street.

Evolution of My Project: My project has changed/morphed from a focus of the cause of a physical aspect (landscape) of a street (Hudson Avenue) into a more sociological focus of the demographics and politics involved in the urban renewal of the 1920s thru the 1960s.