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Learning Places – Final Project


Project Plan

I may have to do a minimal amount of research, if any for my final project. Right now I believe I just need to digest, access, and organize all the information I have gathered, and find the correct categories to put them into for my final project. I have a rough idea of how I would like to categorize my information so hopefully all of that works out. I will be allowing my final project to live on the internet for as long as open lab or the internet may live. I will be focusing on the area near the Brooklyn Bridge once known as the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, and just unloading as much information on this space as I have access to. My project has not really changed overtime, it did stem from my Mid-semester report when I was looking at maps of the Vinegar Hill area, and noticed it, and then I chose to take this little piece of information and just allow it to manifest itself and just go in any direction it leads me in.