Final Course Reflection

  1. How do you view search differently?

Well i will say this was totally new research experience for me, as an engineering major i never really did research like this, which mostly base on history, libraries and archives.  All tools we used in this class as a search engine were really interesting for example Brooklyn Eagle newspaper which i can access from any public library, secondly GIS was really impressive as well.

2. How does a geographic viewpoint impact you after this course?

Just like i said before i never had this kind of class before, i think its because i always take my engineering courses but this time i wanted to try a different course but also have some relation with my major as well. After visiting the sites in vinegar hill and learning about all the history of  that area i felt i was missing lot of stuff in my life. It was really interesting to see how old architecture developed with time.

3. Will you use primary source in future? Why?

In my case yes of course i will because i am doing civil engineering so and as a member of American Society of Civil Engineer i know we have to deal with lot of publications in data center, so i will see primary sources more often.

4. How could teachers make research a more engaging process? What could be taught earlier?

I think its better to introduce all the tools for research at the beginning  of semester in that way everyone will have little extra experience at the end of the semester, which will help all students to produce a well developed project.

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