Final Reflection

1. How do you view research differently?

Over the semester, I have learned a few new research methods. Coming from a liberal arts background, I was already exposed to library resources, especially online databases. Some new resources, especially NYC public resources, were new for me, and they were very illuminating. The research tools, especially GIS tools, were especially interesting; they have opened up a whole new way for me to interact with spatial data.
2.  How does a geographic viewpoint impact you after this course?
Well, I had never studied a “place” before, so it was a new experience doing so. I will always stop and think now about a location’s history wherever I go. I am tempted to look at some archival information in my home town of White Plains now.
3. Will you use primary sources in the future? Why?
Possibly. I am heading into medical research at the moment, and I guess case reports are a primary source. Medical photography could be considered primary source as well, though I’m not sure the term applies outside of a historical context.
4.  How could teachers make research a more engaging process? What could be taught earlier?
I think a scavenger hunt experience, in the archives could be an interesting exercise, especially early on. I would like to have seen GIS tools earlier.  A multi-class Sketchup demo would be good too, as it is a very useful tool.

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