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Reflection #3: WikiGalaxy: A Visualization of Wikipedia Rabbit Holes

I really enjoyed reading about the author’s experience with using Wikipedia for one specific purpose and then hours later finding herself on a completely unrelated topic like the dog Air Bud. It’s a situation that I find myself in from time to time. I personally enjoy when I find myself wandering into this infamous Wikipedia Rabbit Hole. This is the moment when I actually learn the most. I become open to topics that I may know very little about or even ones that I’ve never heard of.

I have never heard of WikiGalaxy prior to reading this article. The way the author illustrates how it works makes it seem even more ideal for wandering down the rabbit hole. I think my favorite part of what I learned about WikiGalaxy is that the user is able to see how each piece of information is connected to the last. Little yellow lines are provided to connect each link with lines that vary in length depending on relevance. I think the amount of content all at once may seem overwhelming, but it can only lead to growing one’s knowledge.