Homework #1 Reflection of Brooklyn

Before reading these articles I have never heard of Dumbo, Brooklyn or Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. I work in Brooklyn and also attend college in Brooklyn but it never really bother or impressed me at all. It just so happen that is where my college is and that is where my job is. After reading about the history and development of the Brooklyn community, I am certainly honored and impressed to be there every day, to be a part of such a developed neighborhood. Now I am curious to learn more about my surroundings there and I would certainly pay close attention to the layout, the history and the structure of the buildings and landmarks around my school and my job. To be honest, I always thought of Brooklyn as one of the most undeveloped boroughs but at least now I have a better understanding and appreciation for that area. Some of the greatest things that happen in this country started in Brooklyn and I’m sure many people like myself are not aware of that.

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