Homework #1: Reflection on the following Wikipedia articles: Vinegar Hill; Brooklyn; Downtown Brooklyn; and Dumbo.

As I was reading through the four Wikipedia articles, the article on Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn stood out to me the most. The first thing that I noticed was the writing. While the writing throughout the article is grammatically sound, I found that the other three articles, especially the one on Brooklyn, were at a higher standard. Before this assignment I had never heard of Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. All the information that I read was completely new to me. That said, I was disappointed that the information only went to the 18th century. I am interested in seeing how the neighborhood is now. What is the current demographic? Has this area of Brooklyn been heavily affected by gentrification? Are there any cultural sites or landmarks? Are there parks? Is it a predominantly residential neighborhood? These are all questions that I would have liked to have been answered as I was reading the article.


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