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Inspiration #3

Gregory Heisler is a very interesting photographer. Looking through his gallery was very eye catchy. He has different styles of taking pictures. One that really caught my attention was this portrait above. What I love about this picture is the use of color is so vibrant and rich in color. I like how the color flow very well. I also like the use of expression and hand gestures he’s doing, it adds this seriousness in the picture. i also like the use of framing and light. I noticed how the light is hitting the right side of his head. I also like how there is so shadow of the left side of his face.

Gregory Heisler

inspo     Gregory Heisler uses short light to frame the person’s features and hair. The hair are in the front of the face framing his face and letting the lighting to only center around him and everything else is pitch black. The color of his eyes are give this sense of creepiness and the way the lighting hits only on his face also creates that feeling. The out of focus of the hair at the bottom also makes it seem that his hair is a creature coming out of the blackness that Heisler has created. That detail around his face makes the photo strange and creepy. Gregory Heisler does name the photo strange making sense due to the fact that it has the feeling. The way he composes the photo sort of center makes the photo feel that urge of being creep out and feeling uncomfortable. He brings out the subjects’s being a bit strange and out of the ordinary with the way he frames his hair which are dreads that not make choice to have and showcasing that. As well choosing to have the photo in black and white rather than in color which would defeat the purpose of the aura the shot is giving to the viewer.

Inspiration 3

Gregory Heiseler uses a split light on the person and vegetable. We are able to see their expression as they look directly at the camera. A serious face, it expresses hard work and passion toward their profession. The portrait being black and white emphasizes how fierce the person is. There is also light in the background where the vegetable is, there is a focus on it creating a silhouette. The overall composition and lighting of the portrait is direction of the eye, we look at the person, then the knife, lastly the vegetable. As well, that the person is cut off from their left arm, seeing part of his left hand and him holding the knife gives continuity to the portrait. Moreover, the shadows show a lot of detail to the portrait.

Gregory Heisler

From looking through Gregory Heisler’s photographs I’ve noticed that he was a lot of different photography styles. I love how unique his pictures are. From looking on his website, I loved how unique each series was.

My favorite album was Vibrant, I loved the different lighting and colors he used. My favorite photograph out of the album was this image. From looking at the image he used three-four lights. I believe he put a color sheet in from of them each light as well. For the backlight, he used pink and the key light he used blue and the slide light he used blue as well. I noticed the pink light behind his ear and no his back and I think that was another light he used. I also think that the color of the backdrop is the same color at the blue lights on the model’s body. I feel that this was the best color option because it allowed the image to be more Vibrant. If the backdrop was black or white I feel it wouldn’t have the same effect.

Gregory Heisler


A man of many words, with silence it self a loudness is heard. His photographs capture stunning thoughts, stunning personalities, stunning ideas. My personal favorite was this photo. This image is so .. different from the others, the key light is right in front of him. The stunning blue as if underwater meets that of his eyes, such a beautiful hue. This photograph shows me strong yet full of thought, perhaps a lurking mind yet agile. What brings this picture to be all the more stunning is the dark background, it allows more light to be centered to the persons face, to establish that it’s the main piece of importance. This photo is nicely made, call it a true piece of art if you agree with me. I love that the colors match with his facial expression and that the highlights and shadows add on to this bold gloom. On this photo, upon looking closer I notice rembrendt, on the left cheek I see a triangle. Also looking at the photograph over i see a bit of insanity something isn’t right, I think this is from the fact that his eyeballs are somewhat brighter than what it usually is, it’s like a bleached white, really bright. The way he lights up the face makes it seem like a disturbed man a disturbed mindset.

Gregory Heisler Inspiration

This photo by Heisler was a part of one of his portfolio series called “Miners”, which is a photo series of portraits of miners. I was immediately attracted to this photo out of the photo series. The way Heisler composed this photo was well done and unique. Heisler fills the frame with the subjects face and appears to use a shallow depth of field which makes the subject stand out more. The lighting in the photo is also impressive. It looks like Heisler used the off camera flash in an outdoor environment. The lighting is lightly flashed over the subjects face, giving it a very soft and natural look. Due to the combining the factors of the nice and smooth lighting along with the way the photo was composed, the subject in this photo gives the subject a very soft and delicate feeling and look to him. Even though the subject who is a miner has a very scruffy and rigid appearance to him, the lighting makes him bring out emotion. The lighting that is reflected in his eyes even make him appear to be emotional and raw and the eyes are what stand out the most in this photo to me. Heisler does a good job not only in this portrait but in a majority of his portraits giving his subjects a raw emotional look but still being in their natural state. Heisler handles lighting and composition well to achieve this nice contrast.

Week 3

Gregory Heisler , photographer born in 1954, has created amazing pieces of art. In his portfolio are included Quiet, Vibrant, Contextual and Dynamic, amongst many others. The one that caught my attention the most was Dynamic. The way these images were captured, with blurred background, make the images come alive, in a way. Every photo creates a sense as if you were physically there as the camera, witnessing the subjects’ every movement. This was created by slowing down the shutter speed. The movement blur was created because the shutter of the camera was opened long enough to allow the sensor to capture the movement. Images like these are one of my favorite types because the viewer can feel the movement. For photographs like these I do not imagine there being a light set up. In my opinion, these are more of a daily life thing. Things that happen unexpectedly that can be captured to later tell a story. The somewhat high saturation is very noticeable in these photographs. Most of them are very sharp and have high contrasts. Another portfolio art piece that captured my attention was Miners. These set of photographs are very different than Dynamic, but at the same time very similar. In these, the viewers can see several men whom, from the name of the piece, we know are Miners. These are portraits, unlike the others which were full body photographs. You can even see the details of the eyes in some of these. We can see that the contrast is also very prominent because of all the detail in the face. I enjoy the way the aperture was controlled because the background is blurred so the main focus is put on the miners. The lighting style seems the same for all of the set of images, key, with a possible softbox.

Insperation #3 – Gregory Heisler



While looking through Gregory Heisler’s website, out of the photos, this one caught my eye the most. I found it very vivid, it stands out a lot. When it comes to the lighting to the portrait it gives it a dramatic look to it as the light seems to be hitting him in the middle area of his face and body. You can see the furthest parts of the body have a bit more shadow than in the middle, again giving it that dramatic look and giving the face some more attention. Photo is very low contrast and I think it works well with it in color. Also, we get to see his upper body and the position he is in. It shows of someone who is important. This man could possibly a world leader from a country in Africa or a scholar of sorts. The position of his hand is also very interesting because it placed around his chest area. Another thing that makes him stand out is the fact the background is entirely black. It’s just him and nothing else. It makes him look very distinguished, like an “all eyes on me” sort of appearance. I also like the addition of the red hat, I think it brings the photo together and is not very distracting at all.

Inspiration #2: Yosuf Karsh and Nadav Kander

Yosuf Karsh’s work is dramatic and makes it look like no other picture. Its seems as he wanted to bring out the true character of the person who is was working with. The lighting hits the center of the face or the side of the face to bring out the person features. Karsh’s photos used the lighting to create that sense of drama and played around with the poses of the subject to bring out and make them feel comfortable to bring out a natural soft  portraits.

For Nadav Kander, his work is more serious and dark in nature. he seems to take his subject and pose them the way he wants rather than letting them do their own thing. His setups are less natural than Yosuf Knader’s work. Kander uses different lighting styles rather than just one setup with the same person. Kander  leaves a sense of mystery and drama with the way the the photo is taking.

I do love Kander’s portrait of Thom Yorke. he seems to use the mirror that Yorke is holding and playing with it in the photo. You see the person three different ways rather than just one direction. The use of lighting creates that drama that is always in his photos. the one i like the most from Karsh is the portrait of Grace Kelly. He does seem to want to capture her beauty which she was known for. The photo creates the sense of importance rather just her beauty speaking for her.

Inspiration #2

Yousuf Karsh portraits are all in black and white, a mix of him filling the frame with his subject’s face or showing a background.  The portraits make a silhouette with the lighting and the dark background. It makes the subject pop more, it being black and white there are more details seen and highlights. The use of body gestures and covering certain parts of the face as the viewer we can guess how the shape is formed. It creates continuity among the shadows and highlights of the face. 


Nadav Kander portraits are a mix of conceptual and close up of the subjects. In three quarter view, the majority of her images look away from the camera. I noticed their facial expressions are key to the portraits rather than the gestures or posture of their body. Her use of light that reflects onto her subject, such as one side the light hitting the side of their face. Or a specific light that she uses that lights up only a small part of her subjects face and shadows created show two different tones to the portrait.