Andrew Scrivani


Andrew Scrivani’s work is intensely beautiful. My favorite of this photographs is the simple raseberry. I love the color consistency and attention to detail. You can see the deepest detail of the rasberry, only one is concentrated on and the raseberry is in sharp image while the rest is in blur or out of focus. This photograph has a simple day light with bounce and it works beautifully with this color and fruit as you can see with the light, a piece of the fruit looks a bit transparent hence works well with this kind of light. From the looks of it, the natural light was a back light because of how it appears behind the subject of photograph. There is a shadow underneath the fruits which leads me to also believe it can be a diffused light. Andrew’s work is so simple yet to pleasing to the eye because of the balance of the subject matter and lighting.

One thought on “Andrew Scrivani

  1. rmichals

    The backlight is lovely. This is the kind of light you would have worked in anytime that you used the window in class. it is easy to do and the results are lovely.


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