Inspiration Marcel Christ

Marcel Christ

Through looking at the works of Marcel Christ I noticed that he specifically works with liquid and motion. He uses liquid to his advantage to set the mood and the message of the advertised object. My favorite of his photographs was of this flower. I am a down to earth nature person I love the smell and the color nature provides us, flowers within itself are natures grace and beauty and the way he displays it here is a new perspective for me. I see a different image here, a different symbolism. Beauty comes and goes, or that something so beautiful can break in an instant. I understand that this is for Dior but the photos to this project he made is so powerful and stunning it really just grasped my attention. In his photos there is always attention to detail whether its these petals or the liquid behind the message for example his Hennessy Photo. He makes the liquid look so good, so light and beautiful, it makes me want to drink it because of how pleasing it looks even though the after effect of drinking that is not all too pleasant and everyone knows it ( for us 21+ folk haha ).


Marcel Christ

The same goes to this example, the attention to detail. I am so mesmerized about these shots he took with flowers. The beauty of a flower is momentary, it can be taken away so easily, from a simple breeze to a chaotic natural disaster. I think we can all relate to a simple flower. Overall I like the consistency in his designs and how he approaches them. He used a key light, a simple light to capture this image from the looks of it. He uses it from up top judging by the shadows within the photo. Truly a remarkable piece of art.

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  1. rmichals

    These are really interesting. Christ makes it look like they are blowing apart. He is taking the flower and making it change kind of like the liquid images he loves to do.


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