Jill Keller

This photograph tells an American meal, It gives off a feel of “get ready to dig in.”   The large portion of meat patty catches the eye because as a consumer a good burger depends on amount of meat. Besides the meat the toppings as well we see every ingredient in this three quarter view, on a plate that doesn’t distract use from the burger. Accompanied by some french fries and a drink, and sauces. The napkin on the bottom right corner adds to the story because your hands and mouth get messy when eating a burger, The lighting adds to the food looking appetizing because it’s coming from both sides or a reflector was used as well. Lastly, some choices that the photographer added to this photograph is that the fries stay stacked up and not on the side of the burger. The main focus is the burger, the bottle cap as well to adds reality to the drink although the cup is full of the drink.

One thought on “Jill Keller

  1. rmichals

    Remember that Jill Keller is a food stylist. She would have been responsible for cooking the burger getting the green lettuce and the red pepper and the cheese all to look as perfect as they do.


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