Jill Keller

Jill Keller is a photo stylist who’s also a City Tech graduate, has captured several food moments, from raw ingredients, to amazingly created dished. One of the photographs that caught my attention the most is the first one from her Pasta album. As soon as I saw this photo, I imagined a whole scenario. This takes place in the country side. A family of 4, the parents and two sisters. They are having a gathering because it is the younger girls’ birthday and she did not want a party, only a small gathering with her parents where they could enjoy their mothers homemade cooking and talk about what careers they want to pursue in the future. Their mothers’ specialty is pastas. As she was creating the pasta, her oldest daughter wanted to capture this moment right before her mother mixed the dry ingredients with the wet ones. She thought to herself, “the best of both worlds”. The flour, the salt and the raw eggs, in general don’t make the photograph appetizing, but what does make the photo appetizing is the fact that the viewer knows that the results from these ingredients mixed together will create fresh and delicious pasta. Nothing compares to handmade pasta. It’s nothing like buying pre-made pasta which who knows how long has been sitting in a plastic bag for. What makes this image look like it’s telling a story is the fact that it is not a crisp steady image. The hands, specifically the left one, is out of focus which makes the viewer think that it was taken while the subject was actually making the pasta. The lighting is well used because we can see that there is light coming from the left side which is causing for there to be soft shadows around the right side of the bowls where the egg shells, eggs and salt are.

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  1. rmichals

    Food photography is certainly about telling stories. And composition. Here, the play of circles intersected by the two hands works well to create visual interest in what you note is some ordinary stuff.


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