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Final Project Proposal EDITED – Gennessy Palma

Through ADV photography class I learned that creating still life is an art. After seeing the examples you provided me professor, I decided to go with my inspirations being Paulette Tavorima and Amy Lamb. For my final project I will be creating still life floral design photography. I want to work on both color aspect and black and white aspect. I want to show the world the beauty that is nature, nature itself is a art bestowed to us by the heavens. My concept will be to advertise nature to show the audience how tranquil it is. Nature helps soothe me when I am stressed, I am sure it can help others as well, I believe it to be an eye candy.

My vision is to show  plants you overlook everyday photographed with different kinds of lighting. I have various props in which can be a summer and winter edition.

Inspiration Links:


My images will include still life photography and the mood is tranquil. I want to show something that’ll give people a sense of relaxation, they wont feel overwhelmed when looking at the photograph. My photos will depict of various floral objects such as holiday pines and berries, as well as spring like floral designs with butterflies. I’m going to play with several lighting techniques, I want to have some dramatical displays and some serene displays, I want to use the time I have left in this class to experiment with lighting a bit more.


Richard Foster


Richard Foster has phenomenal photographs, from his website I’ve seen that he specializes in not just one particular type of style but various, there was even a winter edition within his portfolio. I chose this photo in particular because of the composition of the photo and because of the lighting. I love how the light plays with the shadows, even with something as clear as that glass cup, the shadows make it look interesting. I adore how he added a tilt which makes it far more pleasing compared to just the typical glass straight on the table. What I also love about this photograph is how the light touches the water, there’s not a harsh light and it’s not beaming directly into it, it’s a soft light. This photograph is beautiful because of the way Richard separated the features, sharpening and lighting up the object of importance being the glasses and keeping the rest of things to be dark like the background, there is a sense of sharpness to this and that’s wha makes it all the more pleasing.

Brian Rogers Jr.


Looking into his photographs, this one took the shot. I love the composure and definition of  his photo, how he looks keeps the bottle sharp and the limes blurred out. I also love the consitency to his photo in which everything is green, the same hue of green as well. What makes this photo look so beautiful is not just the limes but the liquid. Liquid photography is hard to capture but he got it just right. I truly admire the proportions in which he set the limes to clash with the liquid. The bottle as well, matches the purpose, if it wasn’t obvious to the view then it is with the type placed within the bottle  Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream. Looking at this really makes me want to drink some because i love lime (hispanic present!) Sal con limon am I right?

Inspiration: Jill Keller

Jill Keller Photo

Jill Keller is a food photographer that deals with different kinds of cuisines. My favorite design on her website was the dumplings. For one she sets a wonderful serene ambiance, the lighting is dim, it’s natural lighting. The position she sets the dish and the sauces is very well put and there is a sharp contract to the object of importance, which in this case is the dumplings. I like this photo because the color scheme is constant with the brown, grey, black, etc. It’s perfect lighting because, many people like myself love to eat in on a cloudy, gloom day. This photo gives me a comforting feeling and makes me want to eat, I mean looking at those dumplings who wouldn’t? The overall composure of the photograph is beautiful and exquisite as she has focused into the dumplings with the chopsticks having a small amount of light gleaming through them and the background being blurred. Another tint of beauty that she added to touch with the overall traditional theme is the tablecloth and the wood. Polished wood always goes well with food photography as we had seen in previous examples with Quentin Bacon. The tablecloth of course added a more home like emotion, overall this photo gives me the feeling of an authentic asian household, beautiful, clean, and healthy.

Inspiration Marcel Christ

Marcel Christ

Through looking at the works of Marcel Christ I noticed that he specifically works with liquid and motion. He uses liquid to his advantage to set the mood and the message of the advertised object. My favorite of his photographs was of this flower. I am a down to earth nature person I love the smell and the color nature provides us, flowers within itself are natures grace and beauty and the way he displays it here is a new perspective for me. I see a different image here, a different symbolism. Beauty comes and goes, or that something so beautiful can break in an instant. I understand that this is for Dior but the photos to this project he made is so powerful and stunning it really just grasped my attention. In his photos there is always attention to detail whether its these petals or the liquid behind the message for example his Hennessy Photo. He makes the liquid look so good, so light and beautiful, it makes me want to drink it because of how pleasing it looks even though the after effect of drinking that is not all too pleasant and everyone knows it ( for us 21+ folk haha ).


Marcel Christ

The same goes to this example, the attention to detail. I am so mesmerized about these shots he took with flowers. The beauty of a flower is momentary, it can be taken away so easily, from a simple breeze to a chaotic natural disaster. I think we can all relate to a simple flower. Overall I like the consistency in his designs and how he approaches them. He used a key light, a simple light to capture this image from the looks of it. He uses it from up top judging by the shadows within the photo. Truly a remarkable piece of art.

Andrew Scrivani


Andrew Scrivani’s work is intensely beautiful. My favorite of this photographs is the simple raseberry. I love the color consistency and attention to detail. You can see the deepest detail of the rasberry, only one is concentrated on and the raseberry is in sharp image while the rest is in blur or out of focus. This photograph has a simple day light with bounce and it works beautifully with this color and fruit as you can see with the light, a piece of the fruit looks a bit transparent hence works well with this kind of light. From the looks of it, the natural light was a back light because of how it appears behind the subject of photograph. There is a shadow underneath the fruits which leads me to also believe it can be a diffused light. Andrew’s work is so simple yet to pleasing to the eye because of the balance of the subject matter and lighting.

Quentin Bacon

Unlike other photographers we have discussed, Quentin Bacon is most known for the Photographs taken of food. His photographs allure the audience with the natural lighting and equisite detail set from the cheese in this dish. What sets this photograph well is the attention to detail, notice how the image of the food is sharp and the background is blurred out yet we are able to make do that it is some type of restaurant, wood chairs polished, it also sets a lovely ambiance to fill with the fine dinner show to us in the image. It’s also clever in that Bacon tried to keep a constant color scheme here with white brown and white and the color consistency also makes the photo all the more appeasing. Notice that the light is equally distributed there is a soft light, its not hard on the food and it doesn’t give it an over saturated look.

Celeste Sloman

Ms. Sloman is an incredible photographer with so much talent and dedication is her crafts. She has received various clients in her time in which include political personnel such as Ms. Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This portrait is by far my favorite due to the person of interest. As a representative of the United States, someone who fights for the rights of the minorities and does not give up until our voices our heard, she should be taken seriously and that is exactly what this portrait portrays. The essence of black and white photography captures sincerity and mannerisms, this photo of Ms. Cortez shows that she is intelligent, serious about her job and also calm, she is friendly, that half smile gives us so much intake about her. The lights, the key light is positioned directly in front of her to bring light to her face, it gives a nicer vibe to her photo rather than if her face wasn’t as lit up and dark it would give more of a sinister personality trait. I admire the shadows on her face and under her chin as well it brings a sense of balance and it shows the beautiful features of her face, sharp and agile just like her.

Gregory Heisler


A man of many words, with silence it self a loudness is heard. His photographs capture stunning thoughts, stunning personalities, stunning ideas. My personal favorite was this photo. This image is so .. different from the others, the key light is right in front of him. The stunning blue as if underwater meets that of his eyes, such a beautiful hue. This photograph shows me strong yet full of thought, perhaps a lurking mind yet agile. What brings this picture to be all the more stunning is the dark background, it allows more light to be centered to the persons face, to establish that it’s the main piece of importance. This photo is nicely made, call it a true piece of art if you agree with me. I love that the colors match with his facial expression and that the highlights and shadows add on to this bold gloom. On this photo, upon looking closer I notice rembrendt, on the left cheek I see a triangle. Also looking at the photograph over i see a bit of insanity something isn’t right, I think this is from the fact that his eyeballs are somewhat brighter than what it usually is, it’s like a bleached white, really bright. The way he lights up the face makes it seem like a disturbed man a disturbed mindset.