Gregory Heisler


A man of many words, with silence it self a loudness is heard. His photographs capture stunning thoughts, stunning personalities, stunning ideas. My personal favorite was this photo. This image is so .. different from the others, the key light is right in front of him. The stunning blue as if underwater meets that of his eyes, such a beautiful hue. This photograph shows me strong yet full of thought, perhaps a lurking mind yet agile. What brings this picture to be all the more stunning is the dark background, it allows more light to be centered to the persons face, to establish that it’s the main piece of importance. This photo is nicely made, call it a true piece of art if you agree with me. I love that the colors match with his facial expression and that the highlights and shadows add on to this bold gloom. On this photo, upon looking closer I notice rembrendt, on the left cheek I see a triangle. Also looking at the photograph over i see a bit of insanity something isn’t right, I think this is from the fact that his eyeballs are somewhat brighter than what it usually is, it’s like a bleached white, really bright. The way he lights up the face makes it seem like a disturbed man a disturbed mindset.

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