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Yousef Karsh & Nadav Kandar

Yousef Karsh has amazing photography skills. His photographs remind me of film noir, it brings me into a peak of interest. From his photographs I noticed that his point of interest does not fall just on people but on objects as well. In his photo archives seen on this link I can say that when it comes to close ups of people he liked to use broad and short lighting. For his landscape images he tries to keep somewhat a balance between light and shadows he wants contrast. An interesting photo he’s taken was ” Elixr ” which is a photograph based on optic and surrealism in which appears to be a bottle and in it, an image of three women, a beautiful concept in which is somewhat exquisite. In another example, Mr. Karsh had taken a photograph of Princess Juliana, it seems to be a family portrait. In this photo you can see a key light and a back light, Im not sure if there was a third light due to the fact that, if you look closely you can see light on the princesses’ hair.

Nadav Kander on the other hand appears to have one point of interest, faces. He grasps the character of the person, he grasps their true identity or perhaps a hidden one. In a fine example shown here Kandar takes a photo of the honorable Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. He captures his image in fine black and white tone, his face sided looking into the distance to grasp the presidents identity of thoughtful and busy, concentrated yet agile. In another example we have Erin after Caravaggio, 2004. A stunning image of a young lady looking down at her reflection, a picture can say 1000 words and it can tell a story. This image shows her beauty but when you look into the water .. you see something different, you see a distorted face in the water, you see sorrows, perhaps this photo is trying to bring out her inner self? or perhaps her mentality? flawless yet flawed. Mr. Kander’s photos were grasped in both color and in black and white. He captures a persons image gracefully and even horrifically in others to show perhaps a demented or distorted mindset.

Dawoud Bey HW1

Dawoud Bey is a very interesting photographer in my opinion. The reason being is that, in photography or in video we are told that the person of interest shouldn’t look directly to the camera nor should be faced directly. Mr. Bey has a certain photography style, he has his target look directly to the camera, a bold move. His person of interest in the photos I’ve seen was children, teens. I believe he did this to grasp their image, their individuality, An example of this can be seen in the link provided, Lauren ..  a young and sweet girl is what I grasp of this image, shes timid and she has the whole world in front of her. Another fine example is Charles, he’s a stunning young man with eyes that speak for them self, from this face photographed, I get a sense of boldness and a sense that this young man isn’t afraid to speak his mind. These were my first thoughts as I skimmed through their photographs, then after I made evaluations I read through the small descriptions provided and leaned that the photo matched the description perfectly. Mr. Bey has a way with the camera in that one can find another persons individual characteristics through his photos.