Inspiration: Jill Keller

Jill Keller Photo

Jill Keller is a food photographer that deals with different kinds of cuisines. My favorite design on her website was the dumplings. For one she sets a wonderful serene ambiance, the lighting is dim, it’s natural lighting. The position she sets the dish and the sauces is very well put and there is a sharp contract to the object of importance, which in this case is the dumplings. I like this photo because the color scheme is constant with the brown, grey, black, etc. It’s perfect lighting because, many people like myself love to eat in on a cloudy, gloom day. This photo gives me a comforting feeling and makes me want to eat, I mean looking at those dumplings who wouldn’t? The overall composure of the photograph is beautiful and exquisite as she has focused into the dumplings with the chopsticks having a small amount of light gleaming through them and the background being blurred. Another tint of beauty that she added to touch with the overall traditional theme is the tablecloth and the wood. Polished wood always goes well with food photography as we had seen in previous examples with Quentin Bacon. The tablecloth of course added a more home like emotion, overall this photo gives me the feeling of an authentic asian household, beautiful, clean, and healthy.

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  1. rmichals

    Jill Keller is a food stylist. the stylist is responsible for making the food look great. she may also prop the shot. In this case, she may have thought about setting off the light dumplings against darker props. She might have picked out the tablecloth and the wood background.

    The photographer would have been responsible for the lighting and composition.


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