Final Project Proposal EDITED – Gennessy Palma

Through ADV photography class I learned that creating still life is an art. After seeing the examples you provided me professor, I decided to go with my inspirations being Paulette Tavorima and Amy Lamb. For my final project I will be creating still life floral design photography. I want to work on both color aspect and black and white aspect. I want to show the world the beauty that is nature, nature itself is a art bestowed to us by the heavens. My concept will be to advertise nature to show the audience how tranquil it is. Nature helps soothe me when I am stressed, I am sure it can help others as well, I believe it to be an eye candy.

My vision is to show  plants you overlook everyday photographed with different kinds of lighting. I have various props in which can be a summer and winter edition.

Inspiration Links:


My images will include still life photography and the mood is tranquil. I want to show something that’ll give people a sense of relaxation, they wont feel overwhelmed when looking at the photograph. My photos will depict of various floral objects such as holiday pines and berries, as well as spring like floral designs with butterflies. I’m going to play with several lighting techniques, I want to have some dramatical displays and some serene displays, I want to use the time I have left in this class to experiment with lighting a bit more.


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