final proposal

For my final, I want to do food photography and my subject will Mexican sweet bread (pan dulce), it will be an advertisement for a baking magazine. My target audience will be for people who are interested in baking, as well as for people who like Mexican pastry. I want this to give off two different tones with different backgrounds, white background for it to feel cheerful and a black background to feel warm. This bread can be enjoyed at different times of the year, the way I would execute this besides the background will be the props needed and different variety of bread. As well as capture three-quarter view and overhead shots, as well as the depth of field, is key to emphasize the bread.


One thought on “final proposal

  1. rmichals


    Don’t forget you need 6 shots total. If you are going to do light and bright vs warm and cozy, bring at least three different pastries.

    The three images that you posted are all basically darkish in tonality so all lean towards the warm feeling. Can you find an example of light and bright?

    Also, don’t forget to bring in backgrounds.


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