Final Project Proposal Redo

When I think of an important issue I think of self-love and self-worth. At times we don’t take a pause at life and stop to appreciate our selves. I attended a self-love workshop and one of the activities was to look in a mirror and give yourself compliments. Shockingly it was harder than expected. Doing this activity really opened my eyes and I want to combine that experience into my final project.

For my final project, I want my campaign to be self-love. I will have a series of different models, and in each picture, they will be looking into a mirror. I want to make sure to capture both of them and their reflection. I want my images to encourage people to love in the mirror and show love to themselves. Without self-love, it’s impossible to love anyone else. How can you love others when you don’t love yourself.

For the campaign I want it to have the text, “Self-Love starts with you” or “Self-Love starts with loving your reflection.” Another idea I was thinking is finding positive quotes from other people of things they’ll say to themselves in the mirror. I want my campaign to have a very serious feel, I want it to feel very powerful.

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