Richard Foster


Richard Foster has phenomenal photographs, from his website I’ve seen that he specializes in not just one particular type of style but various, there was even a winter edition within his portfolio. I chose this photo in particular because of the composition of the photo and because of the lighting. I love how the light plays with the shadows, even with something as clear as that glass cup, the shadows make it look interesting. I adore how he added a tilt which makes it far more pleasing compared to just the typical glass straight on the table. What I also love about this photograph is how the light touches the water, there’s not a harsh light and it’s not beaming directly into it, it’s a soft light. This photograph is beautiful because of the way Richard separated the features, sharpening and lighting up the object of importance being the glasses and keeping the rest of things to be dark like the background, there is a sense of sharpness to this and that’s wha makes it all the more pleasing.

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