Celeste Sloman

Ms. Sloman is an incredible photographer with so much talent and dedication is her crafts. She has received various clients in her time in which include political personnel such as Ms. Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This portrait is by far my favorite due to the person of interest. As a representative of the United States, someone who fights for the rights of the minorities and does not give up until our voices our heard, she should be taken seriously and that is exactly what this portrait portrays. The essence of black and white photography captures sincerity and mannerisms, this photo of Ms. Cortez shows that she is intelligent, serious about her job and also calm, she is friendly, that half smile gives us so much intake about her. The lights, the key light is positioned directly in front of her to bring light to her face, it gives a nicer vibe to her photo rather than if her face wasn’t as lit up and dark it would give more of a sinister personality trait. I admire the shadows on her face and under her chin as well it brings a sense of balance and it shows the beautiful features of her face, sharp and agile just like her.

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  1. rmichals

    this portrait is a good choice to discuss not only because of the subject but also how it was done. Sloman used butterfly light here. the light is in the front a bit higher than the subject. but she did not choose to use any fill or the clamshell. My guess is that she did not use the traditional fill here to bring out occasion-cortez’s jawline. this adds the feeling of strength to the portraits.

    I would also ask why do you think Sloman decided to go with black and white for this particular portrait? My answer would be that it really brings attention to her face and the shape below her neck. Everything else fades into the dark. I think this conforms to the rule that Fernanda articulated in class the day we spoke about black and white and when to use it. When you have deep rich shadows black and white can really enhance the shot.


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