One thought on “Project Proposal: Final

  1. rmichals

    How can you make your interest in flowers both more specific and more ambitious? Your photographs of flowers should have a specific intent beyond being pretty.

    There is a trend in photography to be inspired by 17th Century Dutch still life painting:

    Here is an example of that kind of painting:

    Here are some contemporary photographers who have used this style for various messages:

    Henry Hargreaves

    Or a totally different approach:

    Patterns in Nature

    From the early 20th century:

    After looking at all this work, come up with a more specific proposal:
    10 different flowers to show the range of natural forms shot with high contrast on black
    (think about what this might cost)
    10 native species that are endangered
    10 plants you overlook everyday photographed with back light coming through the leaves
    10 plants you can eat
    Remember that it is November-maybe it should be 10 evergreen plants

    I am saying 10 because even though the assignment is 6, that number is really more for a campaign that involves a lot of planning.


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