Inspiration #2

Yousuf Karsh portraits are all in black and white, a mix of him filling the frame with his subject’s face or showing a background.  The portraits make a silhouette with the lighting and the dark background. It makes the subject pop more, it being black and white there are more details seen and highlights. The use of body gestures and covering certain parts of the face as the viewer we can guess how the shape is formed. It creates continuity among the shadows and highlights of the face. 


Nadav Kander portraits are a mix of conceptual and close up of the subjects. In three quarter view, the majority of her images look away from the camera. I noticed their facial expressions are key to the portraits rather than the gestures or posture of their body. Her use of light that reflects onto her subject, such as one side the light hitting the side of their face. Or a specific light that she uses that lights up only a small part of her subjects face and shadows created show two different tones to the portrait. 


1 thought on “Inspiration #2

  1. rmichals

    Your observation that Kander shoots a lot of portraits where the subject looks away from the camera is a good one. This is very different than Dawoud Bey but most of Karsh’s subjects also look away from the camera.

    Why do you think someone photographing celebrities might choose to have the subject’s look away from the camera while someone photographing regular people would ask them to look at the camera?


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