Insperation #3 – Gregory Heisler



While looking through Gregory Heisler’s website, out of the photos, this one caught my eye the most. I found it very vivid, it stands out a lot. When it comes to the lighting to the portrait it gives it a dramatic look to it as the light seems to be hitting him in the middle area of his face and body. You can see the furthest parts of the body have a bit more shadow than in the middle, again giving it that dramatic look and giving the face some more attention. Photo is very low contrast and I think it works well with it in color. Also, we get to see his upper body and the position he is in. It shows of someone who is important. This man could possibly a world leader from a country in Africa or a scholar of sorts. The position of his hand is also very interesting because it placed around his chest area. Another thing that makes him stand out is the fact the background is entirely black. It’s just him and nothing else. It makes him look very distinguished, like an “all eyes on me” sort of appearance. I also like the addition of the red hat, I think it brings the photo together and is not very distracting at all.

One thought on “Insperation #3 – Gregory Heisler

  1. rmichals

    Certainly the solidly black background make this a very striking photo. Not too, the man’s pose. the position of his arms, the folds in his robe, and tilted portion of his head all make the photo dynamic.


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