Week 3

Gregory Heisler , photographer born in 1954, has created amazing pieces of art. In his portfolio are included Quiet, Vibrant, Contextual and Dynamic, amongst many others. The one that caught my attention the most was Dynamic. The way these images were captured, with blurred background, make the images come alive, in a way. Every photo creates a sense as if you were physically there as the camera, witnessing the subjects’ every movement. This was created by slowing down the shutter speed. The movement blur was created because the shutter of the camera was opened long enough to allow the sensor to capture the movement. Images like these are one of my favorite types because the viewer can feel the movement. For photographs like these I do not imagine there being a light set up. In my opinion, these are more of a daily life thing. Things that happen unexpectedly that can be captured to later tell a story. The somewhat high saturation is very noticeable in these photographs. Most of them are very sharp and have high contrasts. Another portfolio art piece that captured my attention was Miners. These set of photographs are very different than Dynamic, but at the same time very similar. In these, the viewers can see several men whom, from the name of the piece, we know are Miners. These are portraits, unlike the others which were full body photographs. You can even see the details of the eyes in some of these. We can see that the contrast is also very prominent because of all the detail in the face. I enjoy the way the aperture was controlled because the background is blurred so the main focus is put on the miners. The lighting style seems the same for all of the set of images, key, with a possible softbox.

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  1. rmichals

    Nicely observed. You have a clear grasp on the creative choices that can be made with shutter speed and aperture. I don’t think though that all the photos in the dynamic section were candid. Take the photo of the doctor running towards the camera. I guarantee that the subject was lit for this.


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