Inspiration #3

Gregory Heisler is a very interesting photographer. Looking through his gallery was very eye catchy. He has different styles of taking pictures. One that really caught my attention was this portrait above. What I love about this picture is the use of color is so vibrant and rich in color. I like how the color flow very well. I also like the use of expression and hand gestures he’s doing, it adds this seriousness in the picture. i also like the use of framing and light. I noticed how the light is hitting the right side of his head. I also like how there is so shadow of the left side of his face.

One thought on “Inspiration #3

  1. rmichals

    The vibrant rich color used here really sets off John Glen’s white hair, bringing out his age in a way that is complimentary to Glenn.

    Note this is split light with a kicker on the opposite side to the main light. this lighting style really adds dimension.


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