Inspiration 3

Gregory Heiseler uses a split light on the person and vegetable. We are able to see their expression as they look directly at the camera. A serious face, it expresses hard work and passion toward their profession. The portrait being black and white emphasizes how fierce the person is. There is also light in the background where the vegetable is, there is a focus on it creating a silhouette. The overall composition and lighting of the portrait is direction of the eye, we look at the person, then the knife, lastly the vegetable. As well, that the person is cut off from their left arm, seeing part of his left hand and him holding the knife gives continuity to the portrait. Moreover, the shadows show a lot of detail to the portrait.

1 thought on “Inspiration 3

  1. rmichals

    This is a really interesting portrait. The chef is almost in the dark. It is the knife and the tomato that stands out.

    I will often say that at least one of the subject’s eyes should be in the light. This is a good example of breaking that rule and making it work.


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