Gregory Heisler

From looking through Gregory Heisler’s photographs I’ve noticed that he was a lot of different photography styles. I love how unique his pictures are. From looking on his website, I loved how unique each series was.

My favorite album was Vibrant, I loved the different lighting and colors he used. My favorite photograph out of the album was this image. From looking at the image he used three-four lights. I believe he put a color sheet in from of them each light as well. For the backlight, he used pink and the key light he used blue and the slide light he used blue as well. I noticed the pink light behind his ear and no his back and I think that was another light he used. I also think that the color of the backdrop is the same color at the blue lights on the model’s body. I feel that this was the best color option because it allowed the image to be more Vibrant. If the backdrop was black or white I feel it wouldn’t have the same effect.

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  1. rmichals

    I love this photo too.

    You can read about how Heisler made the photo by going to
    search for the book 50 portraits by gregory heisler
    then alonzo mourning is number 27

    To get that supersaturated blue, Heisler used blue paper and lit it with blue light. Red creates the pink/purple glow.


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