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Visual Vocabulary: Rosa Cortes

At the moment I’m not completely sure what I’m interested in drawing specifically, but I know by default I draw lots of female character designs and make lots of night related backgrounds, or astronomical. I like to work on perspective as well as posing a character in a possible dynamic one. I think the background might become a visual signature, as I really enjoy the night sky, and mostly astronomical related. Like in the Sketch below. Or Trying to do lineless objects, like the vines of thorns on the second one.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2

There are times where I also work on expressions and character interactions, to have more dynamics and in general being able to vary expressions.

Sketch 3: Character Expressions and doodles
Sketch 4

Sketchbook Week 3: Artist Selfies

PLease check out Art Director LAUREN PANEPINTO’s blog post on, Artist Selfies, everybodys doing it.

“ Starting to shoot reference very often brings a huge leap forward in the work of young artists, yet it’s also the piece of advice I hear the most excuses about. I hear “My friends don’t like to pose.” “I’m not a good photographer.” “I don’t have money to hire a model.” “I don’t have good props.” “I don’t have a good camera.” and I say the best artists in the world use themselves for reference all the time. With rulers standing in for swords, with any kind of camera or webcam, and without even cleaning their studios, if these guys are shooting themselves, you can too. You, yourself, are the most reliable model. You know what you want, you are always available, and you work cheap.”

This short excerpt from Lauren Panepinto’s blog post demonstrates the importance of working from reference. After reading this article, shoot / digitally collage your own original reference material.

Do not overthink this.

This is PRACTICE to learn how to shoot and work from reference.

Shoot 4 Photos. Then Fill 4 pages in your sketchbook with drawings based on these photos / digital collages.


Post when complete:



Write your post. Add a Descriptive title.

Choose CATEGORY (bottom right side): Sketchbook


Please add your introduction by [DATE AND TIME]. It should be between [250-300 words].

Before next class, read the comments and get to know your classmates! 

For extra credit, reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.

Discussion Week 2: Project Inspiration

breckenridge brewery rebrand

This Article by Veronica Meewes for the online design magazine PUNCH, explores the “new generation of eye catching label design” with a close up on five example breweries and the inspiration behind the labels that have become “ their visual calling card.”

After reading this article, explore the links project inspiration post. Try searching for inspiration of your own as well. THEN choose an illustrated label / can design which speaks to you. Share the image inspiration with the class!

Explain clearly why you chose it and what about the work speaks to you. Be sure to share links to the artist as well.

Be sure to read eachother’s observations BEFORE posting your own. Remember… ITS A DISCUSSION. 🙂

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