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Artist selfie

This first sketch was supposed to be reminiscent of someone perching (someone of the superhero persuasion)or brooding on a ledge reading a book giving it an aesthetic tone

(This is a fake sword y’all so don’t report me) This is a pic of me giving off ninja vibes unsheathing the sword ready for battle. Unfortunately the translation to paper didn’t go as well

This is me once again dressed up as a ninja laying down my weapon resting…i drew the background to be a temple or monastery of some sort

Sketchbook Exercise week 13-Angela Iacono

For this weeks sketchbook exercise I had a lot of fun designing my Robin Hood character. I didn’t get too carried away with designs however, I think that is okay because I really want to focus on other aspects of the illustration that I’m not very good at for example birds and the forest. It was fun doing the expressions, I know I could’ve animated her more but I wasn’t really sure how to do that exactly. I have this problem with my art where I can draw the same character over and over but all the drawings just look slightly off/slightly different. Knowing that about my art I wasn’t super confident going into the emotion drawings but they turned out good I think.

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