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Final Project, Part 1

The fable chosen for this project is the story of the Pied Piper.

The Pied Piper is a folklore that originated in Hamelin, in which the Pied Piper represented hope as they appeared to have taken rats away, saving Hamelin from a plague.

Adapted as a fable story in which the Pied Piper also known as a rat catcher is hired to get rid of the rats plaguing Hamelin with their magic pipe/ flute. However, when he isn’t paid for the job done, he retaliates by using the magic of the flute to take the children away instead. In different versions, the Pied Piper takes them to a happier place or takes them the same way as the rats for them to drown. Another returning the kids after he was paid in full.

For my version of this story, the demographic is aimed at teens. The time period around the time where Knights The Pied Piper is an orphan girl, who grew up in the streets with her Magic flute, earning a living by driving out the rats in homes and villages. At the same time, she ends up at the plazas of town to entertain the children. However, the children start going missing. More and more disappear and she uses her magic flute to help bring them back, but they keep on getting lured away. She’ll need to figure out what’s causing the children to leave and stop it.

Discussion week 6- Composition

This illustration was done by KurooBaSF on Deviantart they use digital media for their artworks. Using a limited color palette is a challenge I’ve seen artists take up and do for fun. In this artist case, they decided to give it a try using a palette with analogous cold colors. One the top left showing the colors used. Giving a chilling effect, and having a winter like setting. I think it is effective because despite giving a chill full view it also looks fun, with the motion and expression of the character.

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