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Final Project Resources

Here’s some information on some of the different variations of fairytales & mythologies I found and collected over the years, enjoy 😀

Character Variations List – Fairytales, collection of variations of well-known fairytale characters from different forms of media, it’s in alphabet order with the name of the content from where they’re from in parentheses

RWBY web series by Rooster Teeth – fairytale & mythology characters put into a animesque world full of action and fighting, main cast follows the character variations of Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Beauty/Beast (one character), and Goldilocks

Official site:


The Lunar Chronicles book series – Fairytales set in a dystopian future, there’s a lot of fanart


Ever After High – a doll franchise (canceled) with its own web series focused on the children of the famous fairytale characters

Character list:

Official Youtube where you can follow the adventures of some of the characters, there’s a story arc and playlists you can watch, warning they may be out of order


Disney Crossovers Pinterest board – my Pinterest board of various art from people who added story/character twists to the Disney characters, many of them being putting them in different genres and fandoms, there’s also genderbends


Character Variations – Mythology & Legends, collection of character variations of well-known gods & heroes from legends and myth, in alphabet order with name of the content from where they’re from in parentheses

Monster High – a doll franchise (canceled) with it’s own web series focused on the children of famous monsters and mythical creatures of legend.

Character List:

Official YouTube where you can follow the adventures of the characters, may be out of order


Story Pinterest board – my Pinterest board of various story ideas/prompts as well as writing tips and character development. May provide to be useful.


Week 11

Class Info

  • Date: 11/17/20
  • Meeting Info: Zoom Zoom Zoom

To-Do Before Class

  • Assignment 2, Editorial Illustration part 3 of 3 ,
    • Limited Palate Color Final Editorial Illustration
  • Sketchbook Exercise Week 10 NONE
  • Reading Week 10 Using Color to establish Focal Points
  • Discussion Week Editorial Illustration with process analysis (see week 10)


Narrative Illustration


Warm Up

  • Add Ice breaker Activity


  • Wrap Up, Week 10


Assignment 2, Editorial illustration


Narrative Illustration

  • Art that tells a story: Book Illustration, Comics, Storyboards etc.
  • The elements of a story

Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class


  • Demonstrate story update brainstorming.
  • Update existing stories in small groups by changing 1 or more elements. Try using dice to randomize which elements to change, and do it as a sketchbook exercise.

Due Next Week

New: Final Project: Narrative Illustration *Final will include a process presentation (Like the midterm)

  • Final Project: Part 1: Story Proposal to include research, reference, brainstorming & ideation
  • Final Project Part 2 : Character Designs Due WEEK 13
  • Sketchbook Exercise Week 11 :   Begin sketching elements related to your story: setting culture character mood.
  • Reading Week 11: Greg Ruth on Muddy, Stories a love letter
  • Discussion Week 11 : Stories, a love letter

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