Jillian Tamaki’s idea process involves a 7-step process. The first step is to get yourself interested, to be inspired and go deep within the thing you love for media. The second step is to collect the media that inspires you and have a place to keep them for references. The third step is to take the content and media seriously, make sure to write down notes in key words that come to mind When reading up on information. The fourth step is to take notes you wrote and to create a list of words and brainstorm them. This brainstorm will help you in many ways as adding keywords can help further your improvement and inspiration. The fifth step is to find and add the images to visualize your ideas and expand upon them. The six-step is to mix up all the content interior concepts. And the final step is the phone thumbnail sketches from the information you gathered along with your final sketches for your concepts.

I also perform steps just like Tamaki does but in a different way. I always look at cartoons and anime for inspiration and next thing you know I always draw them and I always get these pictures and study from them. I even study from Big artists and keep some of their styles for my own to make up my own. The reason for that is because I just know that nobody Can just create a style off the bat. That style is a combination of other artist styles all along.