Story Proposal


Reinterpret a classic folk tale or fairy tale through your own creative lens. 


Using the link below, choose a classic story such as a children’s fairy tale or folk tale that is in the public domain.

Public Domain Stories from

Brainstorm different ways to reinterpret this story through your own unique lens. Try changing one or more of the main categories of story focus:

  • genre
    • cultural influence
    • mood
    • setting
    • update characters

Settle on a concept for your reinterpretation.

The story should still be easily recognizable.


Though you are interpreting the story through your own personal artistic lens, it must be informed by thorough research and reference.

Create a Pintrest Board for this project.

Start by finding information on the setting: time period, culture, environment. Look for reference for staging as well. You’ll need props such as clothing, architecture, furniture, plants, or animals. All of this must be accurate and carefully researched in the final illustration.  You’ll also need to begin considering characters for your story update.  Start researching reference on this as well.

You will be required to shoot photo reference for this project.

This library is an ongoing part of the project. You will supply new research images as you accumulate them. Reference will be expected during each phase of the project.

You will submit your reference along with the final.


Write a brief summary of your proposed project to post to the open lab. Include the following:

  • What is the original story? Link to story.
  • an explanation of the changes you are making for your interpretation
  • a brief summary of your story.
  • a description of the characters and setting
  • demographic for this proposed book


Write a detailed Project Proposal and post it to the Open Lab. Include STORY CONCEPT, RESEARCH and a link to the story you are proposing to update.  Post your proposal to the OPEN LAB.  TAG your post Final Project.