Creating this poster was very labourious. I first started by choosing references based off of specific scenes from the movie. I used two different palettes from two outfits that Robin Williams wears in the film. The left was the outfit he wears in Moscow which consists of very dark and muted colors. The one on the right is an outfit he wears in New York towards the end of the film which contains brighter and more expressive colors. To go with the color of the clothing, I also gave the Moscow side of Robin Williams more desaturated skin, making him look pale and depressed. For the New York side, I gave him a brighter, more orange, skin tone to show how happy his character is once he reaches New York. I think the style that I chose ends up jazzing well with the films themes. The main theme of the movie is immmigration and the American dream and I believe my poster illustrates the struggles of Robin Williams’s character as he goes from Russian immigrant to American citizen. I believe the colors also fit the tone as this movie is a slice of life film that shows the full range of emotions from Robin Williams’s character (heartbreak, love, sadness, etc.)