This course be in person. The Openlab site will have information regarding assignments and homework. You’ll use this site to participate in weekly discussions, request feedback on work, and to post your assignments.

To make the most of our time together and for general politeness, you are expected to have phones and social media turned off during class. You’ll be given at least one break during class, so you’ll have your chance to reconnect then.

Here’s how the class will be broken down:

Warm Ups

  • Ice breaker or Drawing Games and experiments


  • Reflect on the previous week or current week’s topic


  • Share weekly sketchbook exercises.

Lectures & Demos

  • Lectures will be given during class and posted on the Openlab site for you to refer back to. Demos will be held in person.


  • Each week, you’ll have the chance to receive peer and instructor feedback on assignment during our class time. Be prepared to screen-share your assignments.

Lab Time

  • You’ll have the chance to work on your assignment during our class time.
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