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How Wes Andersonā€™s Creative Team Designed theĀ The French DispatchĀ Magazine for His LatestĀ Film

Read the article here.

Choose one of the French Dispatch covers that you like and describe what you think the illustratorā€™s intention and subject matter was? What is the color palette? What is the tone or feeling you sense from the illustration? Does the illustration remind you of anything in NYC or can you find aĀ  parallel situation in New York?Ā 

Reading Week 8

Read two articles about the editorial illustrators, Ana Juan and Edel Rodriguez. Consider both illustrators’ work, how their stylistic approaches differ, and the medium they use. Do you gravitate toward one style more? Does one illustrator’s work evoke a more emotional reaction from you? Compare and contrast their work and discuss it in your response.

Ana Juan interview

Edel Rodriguez interview

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