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Patrick Rogers – Assignment 1, Part 4

4/15/2022 – 1:47 PM

composition 1
composition 2

In composition one, I used pigma micron pens. I included stippling on the pineapple bowls that the witches are holding, and I also put some hatching on the one witch’s broom end. In composition two, I used a pigma brush pen. I tried to focus on showing different values in this one, however I found it very difficult to at that scale, as the drawing was fairly small and the brush of the brush pen is pretty big, comparatively.

Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 4, Thinking About Composition

For my first experience drawing, I drew me surfing in Hawaii, looking at the beach from my perspective as I ride a wave. I graduated from high school in Honolulu, and I tried surfing once, which was super fun. The elements I focused on in this drawing were the directional lines of the horizon and beach, as well as the symmetry of the trees and clouds around the sun and surfboard at the center of the composition. I also emphasized the negative space throughout the ocean, beach, and sky elements. For my second experience drawing, I drew the New York City skyline to represent my time living in NYC, which I will always treasure. The elements I focused on in this drawing were the asymmetry of the different buildings throughout the skyline due to their different heights, sizes, and shapes, as well as the rhythm that the sequence of buildings created.

Assignment 1, Part 4

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I am not great at doing fine outline since I have bad steady hands but I usually use microns for outlining and thats what I used for the top illustration. The bottom one i used an ink brush which was harder for me to make fine lines with.

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