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Assignment 2, Part 1


Overall Project Description:

Create an Editorial Illustration for use as a cover illustration for an article in a magazine, printed or online.

In Part 1 of the assignment, you’ll find an article for source material for your editorial illustration. You’ll generate ideas through brainstorming, and you’ll find new ones through research.

Here are a few magazines you could look at. Feel free to use others.

You’ll come up with concepts during next week’s class.


Research:  Find an article from a legitimate news source, online or printed, about a topic which you are passionate about or find particularly interesting, as source material for your editorial illustration. Carefully read and analyze those articles.

Brainstorm:  Using the Word Web method we’ve used for earlier assignments, write down all of the key words you can think of related to the article.  Be sure to include the actions – what is happening, not just who, what, or where.

Word Web Method using JAPAN, NEW YORK, CENTRAL PARK as key words

Write: A short blog post on open lab in response to the article.

Identify the key stakeholders.  Who does this matter to and why?  Highlight particular areas of interest to you.  Share the article (a link or scan in the first page of the article) as well as your brainstorm and any images you may consider using in the future as reference material.

Discuss: Prepare a brief presentation of your chosen article and brainstorm ideas.

Nathalie Q. Assignment 2 part 1

For this project I will be focusing on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Overall, a fair war would be between two countries mutually agreeing to battle. However, Russia would just be attacking while Ukraine goes on the defense. This article speaks about what the president of Ukraine feels about Vladimir Putin and his intentions behind this whole attack. Overall, Putin only moves with intentions to gain control over something that does not pertain to him. The desire for him to attack Ukraine to gain control is a dictatorship mindset many countries are moved past. Ukraine simply serves their people, and this attempt to trap them under a dictatorship is a simple act of control. The president of Ukraine explains how this is nothing but a game to Putin as he does not part take in the battles and simply watches as his troops risk their lives. He gives examples of all the Russian solders bodies being abandoned and Putin showing no compassion to even identify and take these corps out to bury etc. Through this editorial project, I am choosing to illustrate the mindset Putin holds with this war, in hopes that it illustrates his abuse of power and carelessness to the people overall.

Dimapanat – Final Project

For my final project, I chose the film Amelie by French film maker, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I decided for a clean and somewhat minimalistic design because the film itself is full of little intricate details, so the poster is just giving little hints of what it might be about, like the little items on the ground with the protagonist, Amelie. I decided I want to emphasize the title first hence the the yellow font color. The rest of the illustration are in red/green because this is the color scheme of the film itself. I also added little polkadots are design accent on her skirt and also on the circle as another aesthetic of the film itself…ie. Amelie tends to wear clothing with polkadot pattern.

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