Professor Diana Schoenbrun | COMD 3313 | SP22

Meet the Artist: Deasia Grant

hi my name is pronounced De – asia i used to draw everyday but overtime people got to me causing me to stop entirely so im in the process of re-teaching myself . my philosophy is that i rather be Something i genuinely love then stuck in a job the i have no passion for ( that came from my first semester here) but anyway i love animation its the only thing i can watch ever since i was born. im going into animation/storyboarding in hopes of creating a show one day that will live on in peoples minds long after im gone. i adore anime,old cartoons and comics and im often stuck in my own head alot.

i hate drawing realistic so i shy away from it but i still try to keep my traits for example the scar on my head, the bags under my eyes , often messy hair , over-sized clothes cause its comfy)

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  1. Tarique

    I relate to this a lot as an artist. Since Covid started ive been a huge art block and being in school now is my means of rekindling my fire. I also 100% agree with your Philosophy and i follow something very similar as well. I think its cool you are going all in with animation since im a huge fan of it and i hope you succeed.

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