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Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 11, Landscape

5/17/2022 – 5:54 PM

For this sketchbook assignment, I chose to draw and color a simplified, abstracted version of a landscape. So I went outside and drew, and I tried to simplify my composition. Then I colored it with markers, and I tried to make it sort of stylized and abstracted at the same time. I like how simple it ended up looking.

Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 10, Listen and Draw

5/17/2022 – 5:48 PM

For this sketchbook assignment, I went to a restaurant parking lot to pick up my dinner one night, and as I waited and went in to pick up my food, I listened to the restaurant patrons talk about their dinners etc. And it got me thinking about different types of pasta, as this was an Italian restaurant. I absolutely love pasta, so I decided to draw out the different types of pastas and write “pasta forever” in huge block letters.

Patrick Rogers – Final, Poster & Write-Up

5/16/2022 – 8:07 PM

final Marie Antoinette film poster

In terms of process, everything went really well in making my final project for Illustration class. I made a poster for the film Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola. I used a still image from the film to help guide my hand drawing, and I think I drew it pretty well. Then I scanned my drawing, and I used Photoshop to digitally place different photographs of different materials and textures into each part of the drawing. Meaning I placed a picture of silk satin in the bodice of her dress, tulle in her skirt, charmeuse in her sleeves, and a rococo style wallpaper in the background, etc. I tried to stick with all shades of pink for her dress, to compliment the wallpaper colors, which are green and pink. Also, I think my style I used for this poster compliments the tone of the film quite well, because the film is totally decadent and has a punk rock quality to it, and I tried to mirror those elements in the decadence of the wallpaper and the materials and textures in her dress, as well as the lo-fi/punk-ish lettering and placement of the titles. I enjoyed making my final poster, and I like how it looks!

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