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Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 10, Listen and Draw

5/17/2022 – 5:48 PM

For this sketchbook assignment, I went to a restaurant parking lot to pick up my dinner one night, and as I waited and went in to pick up my food, I listened to the restaurant patrons talk about their dinners etc. And it got me thinking about different types of pasta, as this was an Italian restaurant. I absolutely love pasta, so I decided to draw out the different types of pastas and write “pasta forever” in huge block letters.

Week 10

Class Info

  • Date: 4/1/22

To-Do Before Class


Revise your concept sketches based on the class critique. Work on composition and concept. Use references and research to aid in your revised sketches.




Editorial Illustration & Point of View


Warm-up exercise

  • Masks


  • of last week’s reading

Sketchbook review

Class Critique
Breakout groups

In class work time

Work in Class on Assignment 2, Editorial illustration:
  • Apply Feedback to Concept Sketches
  • Refine Concept Sketches into final art
  • Begin Final Art

Due Next Week


Assignment 2, Editorial Illustration Assignment 2, part 3

Sketchbook/Reading Exercise Week 10 : Listening and Drawing

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