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Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 11, Landscape

5/17/2022 – 5:54 PM

For this sketchbook assignment, I chose to draw and color a simplified, abstracted version of a landscape. So I went outside and drew, and I tried to simplify my composition. Then I colored it with markers, and I tried to make it sort of stylized and abstracted at the same time. I like how simple it ended up looking.

Patrick Rogers – Sketchbook, Week 10, Listen and Draw

5/17/2022 – 5:48 PM

For this sketchbook assignment, I went to a restaurant parking lot to pick up my dinner one night, and as I waited and went in to pick up my food, I listened to the restaurant patrons talk about their dinners etc. And it got me thinking about different types of pasta, as this was an Italian restaurant. I absolutely love pasta, so I decided to draw out the different types of pastas and write “pasta forever” in huge block letters.

Nicholas Albanese Sketchbook Week 11

For Week 11’s sketchbook assignment, I decided to draw the ocean by Caesar’s Bay and the Brooklyn Bridge. I chose these two locations because they were both tranquil and had differing tones to them. For the ocean, it was more peaceful to draw this scene because of the lack of noise and interruptions by the bay. I felt at peace drawing by the ocean, hearing the sounds of crashing waves, screeching gulls and the smell of the sea. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Bridge by Dumbo was much more bustling. The bridge stretched out all the way to Manhattan and drawing this reminded me a lot more of the rigidity of the city and the towering skyscrapers.

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