Project #1, Reflection

The first project we had was to introduce ourselves here on the OpenLab. Pretty easy since we already did this in class basically. Secondly, commenting on peer work. I learned a little bit more about how to describe myself, as well as some things about everyone in class.

I feel like what I got out of this was getting to know some people more without the awkwardness of going up to them and striking conversation. This helps because sometimes, most of the time, I keep to myself and tend to stay out of the way. I think I did a pretty good job in describing myself overall when it came to why I chose certain images for certain things. What I could’ve worked on was dedication. Not because of the work involved, but because of my time management. I am torn between school and work and finding time to sit down and work can be challenging. I’m adapting still to this new addition to an already packed schedule, but I will persevere and manage everything better and efficiently.

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